Singing Bowl Set

  • Singing Bowl Set
  • Singing Bowl Set

Singing Bowl Set


Inspired by services offered at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, you can now indulge in the transformative power of sound therapy with a sound bowl crafted from hand-hammered bronze at home. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, our Singing Bowl Set is complete with a teak wood striker, handwoven Bhutanese cushion upon which to place the bowl and a cache storage bag.

  • Spas at Mandarin Oriental Exclusive
  • Hand-hammered bronze alloy bowl
  • Laser etched spa logo at bottom of bowl
  • Teak wood and leather striker
  • 100% cotton multi-colour Bhutanese handwoven bowl cushion and gift bag
  • To begin enjoying your holistic healing instrument, hold the bowl in your non-dominant hand and striker in the other, as you would a pencil. Next, gently tap the rim and rub the striker around the exterior bowl lip in a clockwise motion. As you apply pressure with the striker, vibrations will begin producing sound, increasing as you continue rotating the striker in larger motions.

Set Includes:

  • Singing Bowl (6" diameter x 3" high)
  • Striker (7" long)
  • Bowl Cushion
  • Fabric Gift Bag